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IMx+ system receives ATO from USAF

You might recall a previous post introducing the Integrated Maintenance System, or IMx+ system, that uses next generation technologies to address the quality assurance needs of the aerospace industry. We’re happy to announce that the IMx+ system is now authorized to operate and connect to the USAF NIPRNET, a huge milestone for Hill Engineering and all groups involved.

The IMx+ system integrates maintenance tools with automated data capture and spatial tracking of work performed to guide an operator through maintenance tasks such as cold expansion of fastener holes and nondestructive inspections, or NDI, all with a user-friendly interface. All of these key features help to reduce error, increase efficiency, and create the digital thread necessary for these critical maintenance processes.

Watch the video below for more information on the IMx+ system.

Hill Engineering designed the Integrated Maintenance System to address the quality assurance needs of the US Air Force, but opportunities are ripe to expand the system to other maintenance applications. For more information regarding the IMx+ system and how it can be applied to your business, please contact us.