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Inside Hill Engineering’s Quality Control Program

In a previous post, we highlighted the steps we took to develop a Quality System that is compliant with ISO. Since then, we have successfully completed three renewal audits and are currently accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, the most recent revision of the standard. Part of our Quality System requirements includes the creation and maintenance of a quality control program for the various residual stress measurement techniques we perform in our laboratory. Consistently providing high quality results to our customers is something we pride ourselves in and the best way for us to assure that is through a quality control program.

For Hill Engineering, our quality control program is used as an important check to make sure that our measurements are being carried out according to established procedures and meeting certain quality requirements. If these requirements are not being met, an investigation is needed, and appropriate corrective action is taken. Additional personnel training, measurement software revisions, and procedure revisions are some examples of actions that can be taken to address the root cause of a measurement not meeting a quality requirement.

Quality control is just a small part of our Quality System. Our Quality System has improved, and continues to improve, our laboratory’s processes for business, management, documentation, and technical testing. It enables us to deliver quality residual stress results that we stand behind and proudly put forth to represent Hill Engineering.

Please contact us for more information about our ISO17025 residual stress measurement services.