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Hill Engineering is a global leader in improving the performance of materials. We are a trusted partner to engineers seeking solutions in design, manufacturing, operations, and sustainment; delivering expertise in residual stress measurement, mechanical design, material testing, structural integrity, and service life extension.

For residual stress measurement, Hill Engineering offers a broad range of capabilities. We enable sound decisions with dependable data.

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For service-life extension of components, Hill Engineering enables rapid development of residual stress treatments using residual stress engineering.

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For OEMs seeking fatigue analysis for their products, Hill Engineering delivers reliable recommendations for maximizing component performance and longevity.

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"The knowledge transfer from Hill Engineering to Lockheed Martin is consistently well documented and delivered in a highly usable format. They don’t just tell you a number."
"Hill Engineering thinks hard about your problem and your context, and then provides viable options for your consideration."
"You get to a different level of confidence when you do it the right way."
Dale L. Ball, Ph.D.
Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Rollie Dutton, Ph.D.
Chief, Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division
US Air Force Research Laboratory
Michael Glavicic, PhD
Associate Fellow, Materials Modeling
Rolls-Royce Corporation

TrueSlot® – near surface residual stress measurement

ExpressRS® – expedited residual stress results

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