Pet Spotlight: Quiche

Photo of a black cat on a couch laying on a white knit blanket next to a pillow with black cat faces
Quiche, the very proper kitty, on her fluffy blanket

On our last pet spotlight, we introduced you to Potato, the very active Syrian dwarf hamster. Keeping with the “food” theme, our next feature is about Quiche, the four-year-old, all-black domestic short hair who lives with her family: Caleb and Mari.

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Deep-Hole Drilling on a bent-beam specimen

In 2019 Hill Engineering licensed VEQTER Ltd.’s world-leading Deep-Hole Drilling (DHD) technology. Under this agreement, Hill Engineering is delivering state-of-the-art DHD measurements within the North and South American Continents. Results from a recent DHD measurement on a bent-beam specimen are shared in this blog post.

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