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Two Decades of Excellence: Hill Engineering Celebrates 20 Years of Engineering Innovation

This year, Hill Engineering commemorates our 20th anniversary. This milestone is not just a reflection of time passed, but a testament to our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence. Since our inception, Hill Engineering has been on a mission to empower materials engineers, designers, and managers with the solid data needed to make sound decisions.

Photo of Hill Engineering's facility in Rancho Cordova, California.
The Gold Canal Drive facility, home of Hill Engineering since 2016.

Founded in January 2005, Hill Engineering’s roots lie in research conducted at UC Davis. Focused initially on laser peening and its impact on residual stress and material performance, the team’s discoveries paved the way for advancements in residual stress measurement technology and engineering methodologies. It wasn’t long before their research caught the attention of large companies, prompting the establishment of a commercial entity to support these burgeoning projects outside the academic realm.

Photograph of a Ti-6Al-4V plate with the residual stress measured using the contour method superimposed
A contour specimen with a 2D map of the residual stress superimposed over the cut surface.

In the early years, Hill Engineering’s arsenal of measurement techniques primarily included the contour and slitting methods. By early 2010, however, we had acquired an RS-200, marking the beginning of a journey that would see the addition of hole drilling measurements, ring core, XRD, biaxial mapping, and the licensing of DHD from VEQTER in 2021.

Our residual stress testing capabilities were further expanded with the development of two key products: the DART™ and the IMx+. The DART™ has revolutionized slotting and hole drilling measurements with its user-friendly interface and automated data collection system. Similarly, the IMx+ allows for automated data collection for critical maintenance processes such as cold expansion of fastener holes and nondestructive inspections. Together, these innovations exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of materials testing technology.

Hill Engineering's DART system for completing near surface residual stress measurements.
The DART system


Hill Engineering has encountered its fair share of transitions over the years. From our humble beginnings in McClellan Park, to Prospect Park in Rancho Cordova, and finally our current home at Gold Canal, each relocation has represented a need for expansion as demand for our expertise grows.

As Hill Engineering enters its third decade, the celebration of our 20th anniversary is not just a reflection on past achievements but a promise of continued innovation and excellence. Here’s to two decades of empowering engineers, solving complex challenges, and shaping the future of materials engineering. Cheers to Hill Engineering and the exciting chapters yet to unfold in the world of engineering excellence!