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HE Vlog: Introducing the Integrated Maintenance System, IMx+

In our latest vlog, Hill Engineering team member Bob Pilarczyk introduces the Integrated Maintenance System, or IMx+. This revolutionary system uses next generation technologies to address the quality assurance needs of the aerospace industry. Watch the video below for more information.

The IMx+ system automates data collection for critical maintenance processes such as cold expansion of fastener holes and nondestructive inspections. It guides the operator through the maintenance tasks using an intuitive user interface. This, along with spatial tracking technology, reduces errors and increases efficiency, all while creating a digital thread that captures 100% of the required data.

In the video above, structural integrity group leader Bob Pilarczyk guides you through all the major facets of the IMx+ system, with visual aids provided by Josh Hodges. Together, they review the system components, demonstrate the ease of calibration, and display the variety of compatible elements to the system—culminating in the example execution of a cold expansion operation.

Hill Engineering designed the Integrated Maintenance System to address the quality assurance needs of the US Air Force, but opportunities are ripe to expand the system to other maintenance applications. For more information regarding the IMx+ system and how it can be applied to your business, please contact us.