Hill Engineering Makes the Cover of Experimental Mechanics

Previously, we highlighted a new publication discussing our efforts to optimize the experimental technique for our PSR Biaxial mapping process, which generates a 2D map of residual stress, titled Measurement Layout for Residual Stress Mapping Using Slitting. We recently learned that the presented results made the Volume 62, Issue 3 cover of Experimental Mechanics for March 2022. Way to make it happen, Hill Engineering! If you’re interested, the abstract text is available below along with a link to the publication.

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HE Pet Spotlight: Eggs and Pancake

I think we can all agree that eggs and pancakes are two of the best breakfast foods out there. They are even better when they’re the names of two cats that live with another Hill Engineering family. Seven-year-old Eggs and three-year-old Pancake take up residence with Eric and his wife, Lucy, where they like snuggling to their hearts’ content in their outside sunroom.

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Pet Spotlight: Quiche

Photo of a black cat on a couch laying on a white knit blanket next to a pillow with black cat faces
Quiche, the very proper kitty, on her fluffy blanket

On our last pet spotlight, we introduced you to Potato, the very active Syrian dwarf hamster. Keeping with the “food” theme, our next feature is about Quiche, the four-year-old, all-black domestic short hair who lives with her family: Caleb and Mari.

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HE Hobby Spotlight: Robby – Fiction Author

Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted a handful of employees and the hobbies they’ve either had for a while or ones they’ve picked up recently – when they aren’t solving all of the world’s residual stress related challenges. Our latest spotlight shines on Hill Engineering’s resident author, RD Pires (or Robby, as he’s come to be known by in the office), and his almost life-long passion of writing. I got the chance to interview Robby virtually where we talked about his latest novel, A Vast, Untethered Ocean, his inspiration, and his experience with self-publishing.

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Face mask making with Hill Engineering

Staying safe and healthy during these times is something that’s on many people’s minds lately. Social distancing, washing our hands, and limiting outings are all things we can do to help “flatten the curve”. Wearing a face mask or covering when out in public is also something that can help protect others since some people with COVID-19 can show no symptoms. Face masks can be beneficial in areas with many people, since they can reduce the number of droplets we release when we speak, cough, or sneeze. Continue reading Face mask making with Hill Engineering

HE Pet Spotlight: Delta

Delta, the dog.

In addition to residual stress, family pets are a special subject here at the office. This year at Hill Engineering, we’re starting a new blog series that highlights our four-legged friends. Don’t think that we forgot about animals with less than four legs, they’re coming up next! To kick things off, let’s meet Delta. Continue reading HE Pet Spotlight: Delta