Contour Method

Cross-sectional residual stress mapping

Through careful sectioning and precision inspection techniques it is possible to map complex 2D residual stress fields in a wide range of part geometries and materials. The Contour Method was invented circa 2000, patented by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and was rapidly validated and accepted due to its unique capabilities. Hill Engineering personnel have been active in the development of the Contour Method and now, under license, use the method to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

The Contour Method is useful for

  • Bulk residual stress measurement
  • Two-dimensional residual stress variations
  • Parts with large or complex geometry
  • Wide range of material types
  • Materials with complex or variable texture or microstructure or large grains

Illustration of a contour method measurement

Effect of process specification on residual stress field in aluminum friction stir weld

Compressive residual stress field at a cold expanded hole