Hill Engineering opens new facility

Hill Engineering, LLC, answering strong demand for its residual stress measurement, fatigue analysis and design, and residual stress engineering services, today opened a new facility in Rancho Cordova, CA. The newly renovated building will feature a combination of laboratory, research and development, and office space; all of which are important as Hill Engineering works tenaciously to meet the needs of our current projects while at the same time keeping an eye towards innovation and new opportunities. The move provides Hill Engineering with additional space to house our growing team of experts. For more information, please visit hill-engineering.com. Continue reading Hill Engineering opens new facility

Residual stress measurement inside a welded pipe

The inner diameter of pipes is a critical location for design and performance assessment. Corrosion, fatigue, and stress corrosion cracking often attack the pipe inner diameter, which can lead to leakage and possible failure of the system. Tensile residual stresses in welded pipe joints can have a significant impact on structural integrity and performance because they accelerate crack initiation and growth. In engineering design, understanding the magnitude and distribution of residual stresses on the pipe inner diameter allows accurate structural assessment and planning for inspection. Measuring residual stress on the pipe inner diameter is challenging and provided a unique opportunity to express our commitment to innovation. Continue reading Residual stress measurement inside a welded pipe