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HE Pet Spotlight: Tau

There’s a new addition to the HE pet family that I’m excited to tell you about. Joining my family and I at home is Tau, the orange ticked tabby cat.

Tau was adopted in early January 2023 from the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter when he was about 13 weeks old and weighing about three pounds. He might be small, but this mighty kitten can definitely hold his own with his dog brothers, Delta and Rho. They all enjoy playing with each other and running around the house and while there is an occasional squabble when one animal is getting into another’s space, everyone is learning to adjust and figure things out.

An orange ticked tabby cat laying on its side a black, gray, and white plaid blanket.
Tau, the cat, lounging on the bed

Tau enjoys napping, playing with his stuffed animal fish toy, and keeping watch over the house happenings from the top of his cat tower. His current favorite activity is sitting on the windowsill and looking out into the backyard. He is a prompt eater and will not hesitate to wake us up in the early morning for breakfast. I think might be time to invest in a timed feeder…

We are so excited to have Tau in our family and we can’t wait to see how he grows and further develops his personality!

An orange ticked tabby cat sleeping on a green blanket
Tau enjoying nap time