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HE Pet Spotlight: Delta

Delta, the dog.

In addition to residual stress, family pets are a special subject here at the office. This year at Hill Engineering, we’re starting a new blog series that highlights our four-legged friends. Don’t think that we forgot about animals with less than four legs, they’re coming up next! To kick things off, let’s meet Delta.

Delta has a unique backstory. He was born in Taiwan in 2017 and when he was six months old, I adopted him. While not much is known about his time in Taiwan, the group that rescued him picked him up at a shelter and placed him in a foster home to await adoption. At the foster home, he had the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and had plenty of space to play. When my family and I expressed interest in adopting him, the group set Delta up to make the long flight from Taiwan to San Francisco International Airport.

We picked this little puppy up in December 2017, but he had a little trouble adjusting to his new surroundings at first. I don’t blame him; if I’d taken a bumpy plane ride in the cargo bay of an airplane, I would have a hard time as well. He was very shy for the first few days, not wanting to come out of his crate, but curiosity soon got the best of him and he ventured out to see what his new home was like. There was no turning back after that.

Delta loves to play with his family and go for runs around his neighborhood whenever he can. He knows a good number of tricks and can even give someone a “high five”. His favorite activity is curling up on the bed for a good nap.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next pet feature.