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HE Pet Spotlight: Rho

Rho, the dog

Who’s ready to meet our next pet? Last time, we introduced you to Delta, the spunky dog from Taiwan. Now let’s meet his “big” little brother – Rho.

Rho was born in March 2019 along with his four littermates. We arrived at the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter where we were put in a room with this little pup and got to interact with him to see if he was a good fit for our family. He was a little shy at first but by the end he was comfortable and even got a little playful with us, play-barking and wagging his tail. We decided that he was the perfect addition to our family and went to fill out the paperwork.

Rho came to us at 9 weeks old and weighed 12 pounds. Fast forward to now, where he’s 1 year old and he weighs over 70 pounds. Talk about a growth spurt! Size doesn’t matter to this dog, he just wants to be where the people are. One of his favorite things to do is crawl up and sit on your lap, never minding that he is obstructing your view of the TV. He just likes to cuddle and that’s perfectly fine by me.

Rho loves playing with Delta and getting belly rubs every chance he gets. He’s still perfecting his basic commands like “sit” and “stay” but he knows how to “speak” very well.   

Thanks for stopping by. Keep an eye out for our next spotlight, we’ll be meeting another of our four-legged family members.