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Introducing the DART – HE Vlog

Our latest vlog highlights the DART™, our turn-key, industry-leading tool for precise, reliable, and efficient near-surface residual stress measurements. The Device for Automated Residual stress Testing is capable of multiple measurement techniques including hole drilling and TrueSlot®. This flexibility allows for easy adaption as new applications arise.

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Case Study: DART – automated residual stress measurement

Our latest case study highlights the many benefits of the DART™ automated measurement system, a tool we at Hill Engineering developed specifically to improve near-surface residual stress measurement techniques such as hole drilling and TRUEslot®.

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A Delightful Celebration of Five Golden Years

This week, we’re celebrating five years at our Gold Canal Drive facility in Rancho Cordova, California. Hill Engineering acquired the building in 2016 to meet the rising demand for residual stress measurement, fatigue analysis and design, and residual stress engineering services.

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Hill Engineering now admitted to Forging Industry Association

Hill Engineering was recently admitted to the Forging Industry Association (FIA). For more than 100 years, the FIA has been helping forging companies in North America to increase their global competitiveness. FIA’s producer member companies manufacture approximately 75% of the custom forgings volume produced in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Its supplier members manufacture materials and provide services used by the forging industry. Together, FIA’s 200 members comprise the only trade association dedicated to promoting and serving the forging industry in North America.

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Hill Engineering awarded patent for innovative DART system

Hill Engineering was recently awarded US Patent 10,900,768 for residual stress measurement technology. Granted on January 26, 2021, the title of the patent is “Systems and Methods for Analysis of Material Properties of Components and Structures Using Machining Processes to Enable Stress Relief in the Material Under Test..” The patent abstract is available below. There is a link at the end to download and read it in full.

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Rapid Forge Design brochure

Hill Engineering’s Rapid Forge Design is an automated tool for the fast and reliable design of 2-piece, closed-die impression forgings. The brochure below provides a rundown of the highlights from this powerful software, which can drastically reduce the time needed to design a forging to industry-accepted standards.

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HE Hobby Spotlight: Robby – Fiction Author

Over the past few months, we’ve highlighted a handful of employees and the hobbies they’ve either had for a while or ones they’ve picked up recently – when they aren’t solving all of the world’s residual stress related challenges. Our latest spotlight shines on Hill Engineering’s resident author, RD Pires (or Robby, as he’s come to be known by in the office), and his almost life-long passion of writing. I got the chance to interview Robby virtually where we talked about his latest novel, A Vast, Untethered Ocean, his inspiration, and his experience with self-publishing.

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ASIP conference 2020

Hill Engineering recently participated in the virtual 2020 United States Air Force Structural Integrity Program Conference (ASIP). The ASIP Conference is specifically designed to bring together the world leaders in the area of aircraft structural integrity and to disseminate information on state-of-the-art technologies for aircraft structures in both the military and civilian fleets. Hill Engineering’s presentation included a summary of recent work related to developing a digital quality assurance record for typical aircraft maintenance processes like hold hole expansion. The abstract text is presented below along with a copy of the presentation slides.

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