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BAMpF Rebranding

Hill Engineering completed a rebranding process for our industry leading fatigue analysis software. The process produced a new name, BAMpFTM (Broad Application for Multi-point Fatigue), and a new logo.

The comprehensive rebranding process included customer input, professional support, and internal participation. As we progressed through the rebranding process, we wanted to ensure that the new name and logo expressed some of the important features and concepts of the software; namely multi-point fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis. We also felt it was important to maintain a connection to the legacy user base, while making the name more inclusive.

Ultimately, after many tweaks and discussions, we filtered our list of over 100 candidate names down to the acronym BAMpFTM, which stands for Broad Application for Multi-point Fatigue.

With the new name also came the creation of a new logo. This logo represents crack evolution curves coming from the lettering highlighting the unique capability of BAMpFTM to grow unique cracks utilizing multi-point fracture mechanics.

Introducing the new BAMpF software logo

We would like to thank everyone involved with the rebranding process – your input was of tremendous value is greatly appreciated!

BAMpFTM enables fatigue crack growth analysis of parts with non-standard geometry, loading, and residual stress conditions through the implementation of multi-point fracture mechanics (MPFM). This user-friendly software environment provides structural analysts and engineers a tool to accurately and efficiently complete challenging fatigue crack growth problems.  

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