BAMF version 7.0 release

Following the inputs from our user community, we continue to develop new capability in the Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) software. We are happy to announce the new version of BAMF (7.0) is now available, which includes several significant enhancements that improve the usability of BAMF and adds to the state-of-the-art capability not available in other fatigue analysis tools. Continue reading BAMF version 7.0 release

BAMF 6.0 Release

Hill Engineering is announcing the release of version 6.0 of our Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) software. BAMF is used for fatigue analysis, and it is capable of predicting the growth of fatigue cracks in 3D parts. Starting from an assumed initial flaw, BAMF combines stress and crack growth analyses to predict the evolution of crack shape and size in 3D. Continue reading BAMF 6.0 Release