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ASIP Conference 2019

Hill Engineering is presenting about residual stress aerospace forgings at the upcoming 2019 United States Air Force Structural Integrity Program Conference (ASIP) in San Antonio, TX. The 2019 ASIP Conference is specifically designed to bring together the world leaders in the area of aircraft structural integrity and to disseminate information on state-of-the-art technologies for aircraft structures in both the military and civilian fleets. Hill Engineering’s presentation will include a summary of recent work to quantify the residual stress variability in aerospace forgings. The abstract text is presented below.

Aircraft structural components are being produced from forgings with increasingly complex geometries in a wide range of aerospace alloys. The forging process involves a number of steps required to attain favorable material properties (e.g., heat treatment, rapid quench, cold work stress relieving, and artificial aging). These processing steps, however, also result in the introduction of residual stress. Excessive bulk residual stresses can have negative consequences including: part distortion during machining and/or during service, reduced crack initiation life, increased crack growth rates, and an overall reduction in part life. This presentation will summarize recent work related to quantifying the residual stress variability in aluminum die-forgings. This residual stress measurement data is relevant to the ASIP community since the materials were taken from the aerospace supply chain (multiple parts and multiple lots) and it is rare to have a population of this magnitude. Overall, the results show that the residual stress is very repeatable (approximately 2 ksi variation is typical).

This is the 35th year of the ASIP Conference in its current format, although similar meetings occurred in the 1970s.

If you are planning to attend the conference please stop by to discuss Hill Engineering’s capabilities in fatigue analysis and design and residual stress measurement . Please contact us for more information.