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HE Pet Spotlight: Eggs and Pancake

I think we can all agree that eggs and pancakes are two of the best breakfast foods out there. They are even better when they’re the names of two cats that live with another Hill Engineering family. Seven-year-old Eggs and three-year-old Pancake take up residence with Eric and his wife, Lucy, where they like snuggling to their hearts’ content in their outside sunroom.

Eggs and Pancake were both adopted through Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, which adopts out of PetSmart. Eggs, a grey tuxedo, was picked up by Lucy while Eric was at a baseball game; Eric had commented she was a cute cat. Pancake, who is a dilute calico, was chosen out of her siblings because she came up and nudged Eric’s hand while the others were fast asleep.

Both cats like to play but each has a favorite way to play. Pancake’s favorite toy is an elastic fishing pole that has a string-covered rat at the end while Eggs is a fan of playing chase and clawing the couch.

When I asked to describe each cat in three words, Eric said that Pancake is “social, talkative, and playful” and Eggs is “sassy, co-dependent, and soft.”

We have many pets here at Hill Engineering. I wonder who will be next? In the meantime, check out our other posts to learn about our residual stress capabilities.