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BAMF version 7.0 release

Following the inputs from our user community, we continue to develop new capability in the Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) software. We are happy to announce the new version of BAMF (7.0) is now available, which includes several significant enhancements that improve the usability of BAMF and adds to the state-of-the-art capability not available in other fatigue analysis tools.

Notable enhancements available in BAMF 7.0 include compatibility with the new versions of StressCheck and AFGROW, an improved interactive user interface, the ability to incorporate multi-directional fatigue crack growth rate properties, and the ability to model fully embedded 360-degree fatigue cracks. Also, new improvements in StressCheck 10.5 have resulted in a streamlined process for setting up your BAMF model, decreasing user requirements.

BAMF 7.0 is available for use with StressCheck 10.4 and Stress 10.5. Please download BAMF from the appropriate link below:

BAMF 7.0 for use with StressCheck 10.4

BAMF 7.0 for use with StressCheck 10.5

Additional details on this release, including installation files, user’s guide, model builder, and example problems can be found in the downloads.

We are actively working on BAMF version 8.0 which is planned for release this June. For that release, we’re starting a BAMF Partner Program to support future development for BAMF. We’ve identified several membership options to cover the diverse needs of our users. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support allowing us to build tools to analyze complex fatigue cracking problems. If at any point you need assistance please contact us .