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HE Pet Spotlight: Tommy

Tommy, the Shiba Inu

It’s time to meet another Hill Engineering pet! Last time, we got to learn about Rho, the big pup who thinks he’s in a small body. Next up we have Tommy, the 4-year old Shiba Inu that can be described as sneaky and stubborn but most of all, smart.

Tommy was adopted by the Watanabe family in 2016 when he was five months old. The Watanabes knew they wanted a Shiba Inu puppy as part of their family and were lucky enough to work with the Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue that matched them with a puppy named Phoenix. The family had decided to rename him Tommy, in honor of a family member that recently passed away.

Brett and Terisa were prepared to handle a hyperactive, trouble-making dog when they got home from the rescue in Reno. To their surprise, Tommy has been a relaxed, loving, strange, and obedient dog. Like any dog, there are times when he acts out but otherwise, he seems to have found his perfect forever home with the Watanabes.

Tommy is quick to learn commands and tricks, especially when motivated by walks, treats, or meals. Not only can he sit, stay, and roll over, he knows how to wait before crossing the street and he can also find a person when you ask him to. If you thought that was all, Tommy can unlatch and push open unlocked doors that have lever-style handles. Brett and Terisa have come downstairs to find Tommy inside after putting him out, back door ajar. That’s one smart dog!

When teaching something new, his family tries to use non-standard or Japanese words so that Tommy isn’t accidentally told to do something by other people. I wonder if they would consider using something residual stress related for his next trick…

Thanks for reading. We can’t wait to showcase our next four-legged family member.