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Fatigue crack growth rate data fitting

Hill Engineering is presenting about material data and fitting processes for fatigue property assessment at the AFGROW Users Workshop 2017 in Layton, UT. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for users to share ideas, demonstrate how AFGROW is being used for practical cases, and discuss future development. Hill Engineering’s presentation will include a summary of a structured material fitting process and how the fit to the fatigue crack growth property data can affect fatigue analysis results. If you are in Layton for the meeting, please feel free to make an appointment to stop by Hill Engineering’s new office. The abstract text is presented below.

Previous AFGROW Users Workshop presentations have discussed the influence of retardation models and the resulting effective stress ratio, highlighting the need for additional crack growth rate data at negative stress ratios. As a result of these investigations, a test program was executed to develop crack growth rate data for common T-38 materials at multiple negative stress ratios. The presentation will review this new data, comparing and contrasting to previous material model extrapolations. Concurrently, a structured material fitting process was utilized. Damage Tolerant Analysis comparisons will be presented to review impacts from new crack growth rate data and the material fitting process.

If you are planning to attend the conference please stop by to discuss Hill Engineering’s capabilities in fatigue analysis and design and residual stress measurement. Please contact us for more information.