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AFGROW Users Workshop – The Future of BAMF

Hill Engineering is presenting about fatigue analysis at the upcoming AFGROW Users Workshop 2017 in Layton, UT (home of Hill Engineering’s new office). The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for users to share ideas, demonstrate how AFGROW is being used for practical cases, and discuss future development. Hill Engineering’s presentation will include a summary of the BAMF software and how it is used to support fatigue crack growth analysis. The abstract text is presented below.

The BAMF software, developed by the USAF (A-10/T-38), has evolved over the past seven years to take on unique and challenging fatigue crack growth analysis problems. Recent technological advancements include: complex geometries/crack scenarios, multi-point multi-crack analysis, and inclusion of residual stresses. Hill Engineering plans to facilitate the continued viability of BAMF for internal and external use. Hill Engineering plans to continue to update and maintain the software and support customer needs. This presentation will discuss the current state of BAMF, the near-term transition plan, and long-term thoughts to keep the capability relevant, viable, and growing. The presentation will also provide an opportunity to get input from the user community.

If you are planning to attend the conference please stop by to discuss Hill Engineering’s capabilities in fatigue analysis and design and residual stress measurement. Please contact us for more information.