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Face mask making with Hill Engineering

Staying safe and healthy during these times is something that’s on many people’s minds lately. Social distancing, washing our hands, and limiting outings are all things we can do to help “flatten the curve”. Wearing a face mask or covering when out in public is also something that can help protect others since some people with COVID-19 can show no symptoms. Face masks can be beneficial in areas with many people, since they can reduce the number of droplets we release when we speak, cough, or sneeze.

While trying to reserve N95 respirators and medical masks for front line health care workers, many people have been getting crafty and are creating their own masks out of fabric. Some members of our team are putting their sewing skills to work and have made masks for themselves as well their friends and families.

There are numerous ways to make a fabric face mask, including ones that don’t require any sewing. Most masks require some fabric and a way to secure it to your face, such as a long string or elastic.

If you’re interested, see the links below to learn how you can make your own mask at home.

Stay safe!

Face mask links:

Pleated face mask

Shaped face mask

No-sew face mask

Mask making setup