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Racers of Hill Engineering

On your mark, get set, GO!

Hill Engineering isn’t just at the forefront of the residual stress measurement world, our employees are picking up the pace as well! The race pace that is. Today, we’re highlighting a few of our team members who cut through speed and strength like a wire EDM.

First up is Caleb, our road race champion who has a penchant for tearing through half- and full-marathons. Last year, he competed in a total of 10 events, though that stellar streak ended with a bout of injuries and a bad illness. Don’t count him out though. It’ll take more than that to stop a force like Caleb. He has another two races on the docket for 2020 so far.

During a training cycle, Caleb will run 4-6 times a week, for a total weekly volume of 50-60 miles! Certainly, all that distance requires a dedicated lifestyle, and he mostly maintains his health by tracking his calories. Between all the running, Caleb cross-trains by swimming and strength training. His long-term goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon by running a sub 3-hour race, a feat he’s aiming for in 2021.

Caleb powers through a fantastic finish!

While Caleb is tearing up the roads, Justin is chewing up the competition in Spartan Races. For the uninitiated, these are events that combine distance running with obstacle course elements. Our resident Spartan Warrior has enlisted in a dazzling 24 events in 2020.

How does he prepare for this madness? Justin’s regimen includes 30-40 miles of distance running a week, along with 4 days of strength training at the gym. He’s also constructed a homemade target to practice spear throwing—one of the many obstacles common to the Spartan events. While he’s taken some diet pointers from Caleb, he also focuses on high protein intake to aid in the muscle gains.

As for goals, Justin is gearing up for his first Spartan Ultra—the longest offered distance race at 30 miles of running and a grand total of 60 obstacles! Another goal is to complete a non-obstacle marathon. Maybe Caleb and Justin will meet each other on the road!

Like a true Spartan warrior, Justin rises to the challenge.