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Engineered Residual Stress Implementation workshop

Hill Engineering is proud to support the USAF and their objective to advance damage tolerance analysis methods through the Engineered Residual Stress Implementation (ERSI) workshop. At this year’s ERSI meeting (September 12-13), Hill Engineering will meet with other stakeholders in the USAF aircraft community to review progress over the past year towards implementation of engineered residual stress in the USAF fleet.

The objectives of the Engineered Residual Stress Implementation initiative are to

  1. Identify and lay out a road map for the implementation of engineered residual stress in the calculation of initial and recurring inspection intervals for fatigue and fracture critical aerospace components
  2. Highlight technology gaps and define how those gaps will be filled
  3. Define an effective means to document requirements and guidelines

Hill Engineering has long been a leader in the advancement of engineered residual stress. As members of the ERSI Organizational Committee and leaders of the subcommittees on fracture mechanics analytical methods and residual stress measurement, Hill Engineering is working alongside other organizations to support the USAF in their quest to fulfill the ERSI objectives.

If you have any questions about engineered residual stress, compressive residual stress, or residual stress measurement please contact us for more information.