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Did Hill Engineering find the treasure?

Hill Engineering participated in the Sacramento Adventure Hunt in April and the results are in…

Our team participated in some exciting challenges, raced all around the city, and uncovered the buried treasure, making Hill Engineering the winners of the 2019 Sacramento Adventure Hunt!

The weather was beautiful as we gathered at McKinley Park, our cars packed with anything and everything we could think of – sports balls, a bicycle, pogo stick, and digging tools, just to name a few. We weren’t sure of what challenges we would be faced with, so we had to be prepared for anything.

When the time came and the list of challenges was revealed, we quickly developed a strategy. We decided it would be best to get as much done at the park before getting in the car and driving to specific locations so we could save time.

Some challenges involved working with other Adventure Hunt teams, like giving 20 people a high-five in less than seven seconds. Others required a little more skill, such as the “Paper Challenge”, where you needed to pick a piece of paper up off the ground with your mouth, all while standing on one leg and not using other body parts to assist you.

A couple challenges were a little messier, to say the least. The Hill Engineering Instagram had some entertaining videos of smashing two eggs on someone’s head and using your feet to drink a bottle of water. It’s a good thing we had towels packed in the car. After receiving Adventure Hunt approval for our submitted videos, we were on our way in the car to different locations around the city. Everyone on the team played an important part in deciphering the clues, getting directions, driving, and running to the designated locations – talk about good team work!  

We found ourselves at 16 different places, including the Tower Bridge, Cal Expo, and the Golden 1 Center. Ultimately, we ended our journey at Sacramento State where the treasure was buried. Participating in the Sacramento Adventure Hunt was a fun way to explore the city, seeing different sights and visiting places that might not be well known to most people. We’d highly recommend participating in this event if it comes to your city, you won’t be disappointed.

Team Hill Engineering with the Adventure Hunt treasure chest.