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Meet our new 3D scanner

We at Hill Engineering are always looking for ways to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our laboratory. That’s why we recently acquired a 3D scanner for our laboratory, which will aid in many aspects of our residual stress measurement processes, as well as enable us to provide further services to our customers. In the newest video on our YouTube channel , we discuss some of the highlights of this tool.

The Nikon ModelMaker H120 is an ultra-fast, high-definition 3D scanner that utilizes blue laser technology for excellent precision. With our newly acquired technology, we can complete quality assurance inspections, reverse engineer CAD models of physical objects, and evaluate the effects of manufacturing processes and surface treatments among other uses. Already, we’ve incorporated this technology into our residual stress measurement process and are seeing phenomenal improvement to our project capacity.  

Take a look for yourself by watching the video below. If you have any questions about how our 3D scanner might help with your project, or questions about any of our measurement techniques, please contact us . Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest updates from Hill Engineering.