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BAMF webinar

Hill Engineering will be participating in an upcoming webinar related to 3D fatigue analysis using our Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) software. BAMF is a software tool for predicting the growth of fatigue cracks in 3D parts. Starting from an assumed initial flaw, BAMF combines stress and crack growth analyses to predict the evolution of crack shape and size in 3D. BAMF provides a robust and automated link between two leading tools: AFGROW and StressCheck™.

This webinar will be jointly presented by Hill Engineering, ESRD (developers of StressCheck™), and LexTech, Inc (developers of AFGROW), and will explore the latest technologies, methodologies and software implementations available for DaDT and fatigue engineers to numerically simulate fatigue crack propagation.

In this webinar we will detail the latest technological advancements for accurate simulation of three-dimensional fatigue crack growth via coupled finite element analysis (FEA) and fatigue life computations.

For additional information, and to register for the webinar, please visit the ESRD website .

Please contact us today for questions about BAMF, fatigue analysis, or other services we offer.