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BAMF 6.0 Release

Hill Engineering is announcing the release of version 6.0 of our Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) software. BAMF is used for fatigue analysis, and it is capable of predicting the growth of fatigue cracks in 3D parts. Starting from an assumed initial flaw, BAMF combines stress and crack growth analyses to predict the evolution of crack shape and size in 3D.

BAMF provides a robust and automated link between two leading tools: AFGROW and StressCheck™. Key features of BAMF include: natural crack shape evolution, fully 3D fatigue analysis capability, complex loading support, multiple cracks, and residual stress compatibility.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the first commercially available version of BAMF. Watching the user base grow has been exciting. This year was full of accomplishments, including the 1st Annual BAMF Users Workshop, as well as several fantastic fatigue analysis presentations using BAMF at professional conferences.

From the development side we have made significant advancements in the BAMF software including:
• Symmetry on the crack plane
• Updated mesh refinement capability
• Automated K-convergence checking
• Compatibility with both StressCheck 10.3/10.4
• Compatibility with AFGROW 5.3

The BAMF fatigue analysis software is available for download upon execution of a license agreement.

The BAMF fatigue analysis software package includes installation files and instructions. Upon installation, the installation directory will include: example models, a comprehensive user’s guide, and standalone dll’s. With the exception of StressCheck and AFGROW, the BAMF fatigue analysis software package should contain everything needed to get started solving multi-point fatigue crack growth analyses.

We are excited to continue improving the software and have big plans this year. A few improvements include the capability to utilize multi-directional crack growth properties, as well as a user interface that will display analysis progress. If you have other needs please let us know.

Please contact us today for questions about BAMF, fatigue analysis, or other services we offer.