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Announcing agreement with ESRD for joint BAMF/StressCheck marketing

Hill Engineering and Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc. (ESRD) have executed a joint marketing agreement to collaboratively promote the combined use of our software tools: Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) and StressCheck® for fatigue analysis.

ESRD, Inc. is a Missouri Corporation founded in 1989 by Dr. Barna Szabo, Mr. Kent Myers, and Dr. Ivo Babuska. ESRD is engaged in the development of advanced engineering software products and offers professional services in areas pertaining to numerical simulation in the fields of mechanical, aerospace and structural engineering. ESRD’s flagship software product, StressCheck® Professional, is an advanced finite element analysis tool.

Hill Engineering is a global leader in improving the performance of materials. Hill Engineering is a trusted partner to engineers seeking solutions in design, manufacturing, operations, and sustainment; delivering expertise in residual stress measurement, mechanical design, material testing, structural integrity, and service life extension. BAMF is a software tool developed by Hill Engineering for predicting the growth of fatigue cracks in 3D parts. Starting from an assumed initial flaw, BAMF automatically combines fracture mechanics solutions from StressCheck® with fatigue life calculations from AFGROW to assess fatigue crack growth performance.

The figure below shows a comparison between the fatigue crack growth predicted near a hole (using BAMF and StressCheck®) and results from a fatigue crack growth test for similar conditions. In this case there is an initial flaw at the edge of the hole and the hole has been cold expanded to introduce compressive residual stress. Predicted crack front evolution (blue) compares favorably with the observed test result (red).

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