Axes & Alloys mix metal with music!

Who says engineers don’t know how to have fun?

Axes & Alloys is a band comprised of six of Hill Engineering’s employees. Formed out of a shared love for all things rock n’ roll (or maybe pop, country, and some rock), the Axes got our start around three years ago, with original members Teresa (lead vocals), Adrian (guitar), and Brett (guitar). Their casual rehearsal format eventually welcomed Camille as the keyboardist, Robby as a second singer and keyboardist, and Justin as drummer. Continue reading Axes & Alloys mix metal with music!

Opening Up with the Interns

Every summer, Hill Engineering hires university students as interns; aiming to give them insight into industry jobs and provide them with the experience they’ll need to develop their careers post-graduation. We pride ourselves on involving interns in projects which utilize and further explore the concepts they have learned in school. In the past, we’ve had many positive outcomes from our internship program. The interns have delivered fresh perspective on our projects and a few have even transferred to full-time employment at Hill Engineering. This year, we welcome three students into our summer internship program. Continue reading Opening Up with the Interns

We love planes

The dawn of the airplane changed the way we humans viewed the world. In a relatively short amount of time, travel across oceans was reduced from a month or more onboard a sea vessel to a few hours in the air. Getting from one side of the country to the other no longer meant spending days on a train, but a quick flight across state borders. It’s easy to see why planes were welcomed so eagerly into modern society.

But beyond convenience, have you ever taken the time to just consider the technology behind airplanes and what they are capable of? Continue reading We love planes