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Hill Engineering introduces ExpressRS

For materials engineers, designers, and managers seeking residual stress measurements, Hill Engineering is a trusted source for a broad range of best-in-class measurement capabilities. But while we always strive to deliver quality results in a timely manner, sometimes a job requires a faster than normal turn-around. This is why we’ve introduced ExpressRSTM, a service geared toward expedited delivery of residual stress measurement results.

Being responsive to our customers’ needs is one of Hill Engineering’s key personality traits. After receiving several high-priority projects last year, Hill Engineering recognized the need for a task force dedicated to jobs with accelerated schedules. We assembled a team of highly trained individuals with expertise in residual stress measurements prepared to take on projects with demanding delivery dates.  

The ExpressRSTM service launched in the second half of 2018 with a limited scope. The trial period helped us calibrate how we would incorporate the high-priority residual stress measurements without interrupting our normal work-flow. During this initial phase-in period, each project was completed effectively and on-time with high-praise from our customers.    

Hill Engineering is proud to announce that the ExpressRSTM service is now open and available to all our customers. ExpressRSTM testing delivers the same level of precision and accuracy that our customers have come to expect on an accelerated delivery schedule. Our ExpressRSTM service includes all methods of residual stress measurements, including the contour method, hole drilling, slitting, and ring core.

If you have any questions or are interested in utilizing this rapid-results service, feel free to contact us for more information.    

Hole drilling method residual stress measurements performed on the inside of a pipe.