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Rapid Forge Design brochure

Hill Engineering’s Rapid Forge Design is an automated tool for the fast and reliable design of 2-piece, closed-die impression forgings. The brochure below provides a rundown of the highlights from this powerful software, which can drastically reduce the time needed to design a forging to industry-accepted standards.

Cover and back page of rapid forge design brochure. Shows images from separate stages of the forge design process.
Internal pages of the rapid forge design brochure. Highlights the three steps of the process.

Rapid Forge Design (RFD) reduces the long forging design process to 3 simple, menu-guided steps. In minutes, the software produces STL files that are compatible with all major CAD systems, and lists key forging metrics including size, volume, plan view area, and periphery length for the user.

For further proof of RFD’s ease of use, check out our demonstration video below: