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Hill Engineering’s DART issued second US patent!

Hill Engineering has been recently issued its second US patent for the DART™ measurement system. This updated device offers improved residual stress measurements within small-diameter pipe applications, allowing for more accurate analysis in both in-laboratory and non-laboratory settings.

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For those unfamiliar, Hill Engineering’s DART™ is an industry-leading tool for efficient, precise, and reliable near-surface residual stress measurements.

This new patent, number 11609169 B2, is titled “Analysis of Material Properties of Internal Surfaces Using Machining Processes to Enable Stress Relief in the Material Under Testing.”

The abstract is as follows:

Analysis of residual stress in materials is often done in static conditions in a laboratory. Accurate systems and methods for performing these analyses in a dynamic, non-laboratory environment are notoriously difficult and can be very inaccurate. A method using a portable, field deployable apparatus having greater accuracy than currently available is disclosed whereby accurate and repeatable residual stress analysis may be implemented in non-laboratory environments leading to greatly improved diagnostics, maintenance and life limit prediction. Especially the analysis of a pipe or channel can be facilitated with this invention.

The full patent can be viewed here.

Congratulations to the entire team involved in the design and implementation of this device!

For more information about the DART™ system and how it can help with your product, please contact us.