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Welcome George Kaschner

We would like to welcome George Kaschner to Hill Engineering. George comes to Hill Engineering with more than 30 years of experience, most recently from Los Alamos National Laboratory. George has degrees in Applied Physics and Materials Science & Engineering, and received his Ph.D. from UC Davis in 1997. Since then, he has accumulated significant experience in materials science, materials testing, and data analysis.

His career milestones include: U.S. Navy nuclear prototype instructor, product development and quality control in the SCUBA industry, and experimental design for materials testing. Some of his favorite experimental techniques incorporate mixed modes of testing in environments designed to challenge state-of-the-art materials models: equilibrium liquid nitrogen, elevated temperature, real-time calculated-variable servo-hydraulic control fatigue, calculated-variable triaxial stress, Hopkinson split-pressure bar, and Taylor Impact gas gun. Innovative characterization techniques include digital image correlation (DIC) of zirconium in 3-point bend while immersed in liquid nitrogen, and neutron diffraction to monitor the evolution of texture in HCP metals during deformation.

His most recent position at Los Alamos National Laboratory as system surveillance engineer included responsibility for oversight of component testing and trend analysis of aging effects in the nuclear stockpile. While at Los Alamos, George also taught graduate level courses in Advanced Material Properties, and Mechanism of Fatigue, for the University of California, Davis, via closed-circuit Polycom communications network.

George brings a wealth of valuable experiences to Hill Engineering that will be significant as we continue grow as an organization. George’s extensive experience in the materials industry will be instrumental as Hill Engineering develops new programs related to: fatigue analysis, material testing, machining distortion, and residual stress analysis.

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