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The Prime Room

Hill Engineering recently moved into a new facility in Rancho Cordova, CA. The new facility features a combination of laboratory, research and development, and office space; all of which are important as we work tenaciously to meet the needs of our current projects, while at the same time keeping an eye towards innovation and new opportunities. We have proudly named the primary conference room in our new facility the Prime Room, a fitting tribute to a special Hill Engineering collaborator, the inventor of the contour method, and inspirational figure, Mike Prime.

Looking back, Mike had a very significant impact on the history and sequence of events that led to the formation of Hill Engineering. As we’ve discussed before, Mike invented the contour method at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1999. Mike quickly reached out to his fellow residual stress measurement colleague (Mike Hill) and we began working with the contour method at UC Davis in 2000. As we developed the contour method for commercial use we found many opportunities to apply it and other residual stress engineering technology to benefit programs related to commercialization of laser peening. Initial success brought subsequent projects and we quickly realized the commercial potential of the contour method.

After Hill Engineering was founded, we licensed the contour method technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Over the past ten years Hill Engineering has successfully applied the contour method to support important programs and decisions in many industries including: marine, power generation, industrial systems, automotive, and aerospace. Hill Engineering’s commercialization of the contour method has given us a worldwide reputation as leaders in the residual stress community.
Mike Prime has remained a very important collaborator and close colleague throughout Hill Engineering’s history. Thank you Mike for your contributions to our organization. The Prime Room stands as a tribute to the creativity, insights, and support that you’ve provided to Hill Engineering over the years.