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Group photo of Hill Engineering employees and their families at the company outdoor picnic.

Social Events 2019 recap

This year has been filled to the brim with social events for Hill Engineering. From our company picnic to camping at Lake Tahoe to the ever popular “Board Games Night”, there was fun to be had by everyone.

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to take the time to let our readers know a little about what we’ve been up to when we’re not performing one of our many residual stress measurement methods.

During the summer we held a company picnic at Ashton Park in Sacramento. This is a great event where everyone brings out their sports gear and shows off some of their competitive side. Basketball, soccer, football, and baseball were among the sports we played; you name it and we probably played it!

This year’s camping trip took place at Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe and was definitely one for the books. In addition to all the water activities, there’s some great hiking trails in the area that never disappoint. Don’t forget about roasting marshmallows on the camp fire – that’s always a group favorite.

For the past couple years Hill Engineering has hosted a “Board Games Night” for employees and their families. People bring in a few of their favorite games and they all get together to play. Fun games and serious games, short ones and long ones, there’s something for everyone.

We participated in an escape room this year which was a great mental challenge for us and provided a good opportunity for some teambuilding. Two teams went through the same scenario and both came out of it with time to spare!

Our annual holiday party wrapped up our social events for the year (pun intended). We played some holiday trivia at Jackrabbit Brewing Co. in Sacramento where the winning team won some cool gear from the brewery.

It was a great year for social events at Hill Engineering and we can’t wait to tell you about the things we’re doing next year!

HE Company Picnic