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Pet Spotlight: Quiche

Photo of a black cat on a couch laying on a white knit blanket next to a pillow with black cat faces
Quiche, the very proper kitty, on her fluffy blanket

On our last pet spotlight, we introduced you to Potato, the very active Syrian dwarf hamster. Keeping with the “food” theme, our next feature is about Quiche, the four-year-old, all-black domestic short hair who lives with her family: Caleb and Mari.

Quiche was adopted through the local SPCA in 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Caleb and Mari were looking for a more independent and low energy furry friend and in addition to being extremely cute, Quiche checked all the boxes. They also chose Quiche because black cats are not adopted at the same rate as others.

Quiche is very food motivated and it’s the most important thing to her by far. Her love of food is so great that, unfortunately, she was overweight before coming to her forever home. Wanting to give her the best life, Caleb and Mari put Quiche on a diet and after losing her added “squishy-ness”, she is now at the perfect healthy weight. She still wants to eat grass whenever she gets outside, but greens are supposed to be good for you, right?

When she’s not relaxing on her fluffy blanket, Quiche loves to play with string. If the string is out, nothing else matters. Quiche gets very vocal and yells at you before walking over and staring at the string expectantly. The second-best thing after string is puzzle pieces. If you’re ever doing a puzzle with Quiche around, she’ll probably come over and try to help you, if you can say eating pieces, swatting them away, and hiding them from you by sitting on them is considered help.

Quiche is so loved by her parents, they had her sweet face printed on a coffee mug and a pint glass and when asked for three words to describe Quiche, Caleb and Mari said, “sweet, quirky, and yells.” This love is reciprocated the most during “tummy time” where Quiche lays on her back and waits for you to put your hand on her tummy, at which point she will kick with her hind legs and bite you simultaneously. I think the saying “love hurts” is interpreted literally in this case.

If you’re looking to follow Quiche on social media, her Instagram handle is @quicheycat and is full of everything Quiche-related. You can see all her quirkiness that can’t be summed up in this post.

Until our next spotlight, thanks for reading. If you’re looking for more interesting content, check out the various residual stress measurement techniques that we do at Hill Engineering.