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HE Pet Spotlight – Sunshine and Malibu

When we’re not performing residual stress measurements, some of the Hill Engineering team members love spending time with their furry friends! This is true for Debra LaChappell who lives with her golden retriever lab mix Sunshine, and her cat, Malibu!

A golden lab retriever dog cuddled against a pillow.
Sunshine the golden/lab retriever mix.

Sunshine came to Debra’s family through a breeder. She loves swimming and is sure to take a daily dip in the LaChappell family pool. Ever vigilant, Sunshine is also a barker, and is not afraid to speak out against any pesky, unknown sounds she encounters.

Malibu the mixed, gray cat.
Malibu the mixed, gray cat.

Malibu was adopted into the household as a stray found along the road. While she may look fluffy and sweet, don’t let yourself be fooled! Malibu will attack anyone at any time. You never know when she’ll walk by you and give you a swat with her paw.

Together, this dynamic duo rules the roost. They get along great and love to play chase—though Malibu is always the winner. Her unbeatable plan of attack involves jumping toward Sunshine and wrapping her paws around her neck. You might call it a power hug!

Malibu enacts her favorite attack, the Power Hug!
Malibu enacts her favorite attack, the Power Hug!

One thing is for certain: life it never boring when you have two energetic, four-legged friends at home! Debra says both Sunshine and Malibu are loved very much, and nobody in her family would change anything about them.

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