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HE hunts for treasure in Sacramento

As the weather heats up here in Northern California, so does the competition! Team Hill Engineering will be racing to the finish in the Sacramento Adventure Hunt in April to be the first to uncover the buried treasure.

Adventure Hunt was recently pitched on the show Shark Tank in January and has taken off all over the country, with teams competing for the treasure and a stay in a private villa in the Caribbean. To get to the treasure, teams first need to earn points by completing different challenges. The challenges are always different, but from what we’ve seen on social media, they can range from giving strangers high-fives to jumping into a body of water. I wonder if any of our residual stress measurement techniques will be in the list of challenges…

Once enough points are accumulated, the treasure map is revealed in the Adventure Hunt app. It’s a winner-take-all with the treasure, but the top ten teams earn something. So it’s sure to be a fun time for everyone! Regardless, we’ll do our best to represent our Hill Engineering pride.

Check back with us in the coming weeks for the results. If we are able to come away with the treasure, we’ll tell you all about it.