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New Vlog: How To Apply A Strain Gage

Strain gages feature in a large portion of the residual stress measurements we perform at Hill Engineering, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to correctly choose and apply strain gages to fit any measurement needs.

Strain gages are key tools when performing residual stress measurements such as hole drilling, slotting, slitting, and ring core. By tracking the change in electrical resistance of the strain gage foil, we can evaluate strain through material deformation.

Our latest vlog, How To Apply A Strain Gage, is an update to one of our first ever Hill Engineering instructional videos. In it, Hill Engineering team member Ryan Tucci demonstrates how to apply a strain gage to an aluminum block.

While the setup described in the video is simple, we can apply strain gages to much more complex geometries to fit the needs of our residual stress tests, including both in our lab or in the field as the testing needs require.

For more information about our strain gaging services or any questions about your residual stress needs, please contact us.