Hill Engineering Blog

Opening Up with the Interns

Every summer, Hill Engineering hires university students as interns; aiming to give them insight into industry jobs and provide them with the experience they’ll need to develop their careers post-graduation. We pride ourselves on involving interns in projects which utilize and further explore the concepts they have learned in school. In the past, we’ve had many positive outcomes from our internship program. The interns have delivered fresh perspective on our projects and a few have even transferred to full-time employment at Hill Engineering. This year, we welcome three students into our summer internship program.

Veronica Hing, Josh Munic, and Bond Isheim are all entering their fourth or fifth year of university study. As mechanical engineering majors, their classwork has already laid the foundation for understanding the concepts behind the residual stress analysis we perform at Hill Engineering. We try to further that understanding, teaching them about common topics we’re involved in, such as residual stress in welding or the hole drilling method. We like to hire individuals who are self-motivated and eager to expand upon their theoretical knowledge, and these three are no exception. Already, they are deep into fatigue analysis and equipment design projects, proving their abilities to apply what they know and learn what they don’t.

By summer’s end, we send them off with the hope that we’ve imparted upon them some relevant insight into what they want from their engineering careers and how to use the skill set they’ve acquired in meaningful ways. Hill Engineering continues the internship program because we want to help the next generation of engineers explore their knowledge base and interests.