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Introducing the DART – HE Vlog

Our latest vlog highlights the DART™, our turn-key, industry-leading tool for precise, reliable, and efficient near-surface residual stress measurements. The Device for Automated Residual stress Testing is capable of multiple measurement techniques including hole drilling and TrueSlot®. This flexibility allows for easy adaption as new applications arise.

Near-surface residual stress data is critical when assessing material performance, optimizing design, validating models, evaluating field failures, and executing quality assurance programs. The DARTTM overcomes the limitations of existing residual stress measurement equipment and includes everything required to perform state-of-the-art measurements in accordance with industry specifications.

In the video above, Product Development Group Leader Teresa Wong provides an overview of why the DART™ was developed, as well as its many capabilities and benefits.

Viewers also get a taste of the device in-action, as a laboratory engineer demonstrates the ease with which an operator can setup hole drilling or TrueSlot® residual stress measurements.

The DART™ provides industry-leading data quality and is currently in use in multiple facilities throughout the world. It could be in your facility soon.

To place an order for DART™ or if you have any questions regarding the DART™ system and how it can help your business, please contact us.