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Meet Josh’s Adventure-Ready Llamas: Bowie, Tito, and Boomer

If you’ve ever dreamed of embarking on a backcountry camping trip with some unique companions, then you’ll be inspired by Hill Engineering’s Josh Hodges and his three adventure buddies – Bowie, Tito, and Boomer.

A brown and white llama standing in an asphalt parking lot wearing a red cape, a Santa neck sweater, and a Santa hat.
Bowie the llama

Firstly, let’s get to know the trio a bit better. Bowie, the youngest of the pack, is a spry 3-year-old llama. Boomer and Tito, the seasoned veterans, both aged 9, complete the dynamic llama trio. Yes, you read it right – llamas! These woolly wonders are not your typical household pets, but for Josh, they are the perfect companions for his backcountry escapades.

A dark brown llama standing behind a trailer wearing a Christmas-themed neck sweater and a jaunty little black hat.
Boomer the llama

Two years ago this spring, Boomer and Tito became part of Josh’s homestead. Bowie, the latest addition, joined the llama squad last summer. Their primary mission? To enhance the enjoyment of backcountry camping trips. Little did they know that they were about to become stars of their own adventure saga.

When it comes to personalities, Tito steals the spotlight. Despite his smaller size, he exudes attitude and proudly claims the title of Alpha llama in every herd. Boomer, on the other hand, is the laid-back, humming enthusiast of the group. Bowie, the rookie, is a quick learner, adapting to the pack llama routine with remarkable speed.

A white and brown llama facing the camera, wearing reindeer antlers and a Christmas tree neck sweater.
Tito the llama

Unlike traditional pets, llamas have a distinctive purpose beyond companionship. Each llama can carry an impressive 40-60 lbs for over 10 miles a day. Josh has taken them on numerous adventures in the Uintahs, where they’ve become connoisseurs of local flora. Boomer savors the taste of juniper, Tito indulges in the delicate texture of ferns, and Bowie, still exploring, sticks to his trusty grass hay.

From their diverse personalities to their invaluable contributions on the trail, Bowie, Tito, and Boomer are proving that llamas are more than just woolly faces – they’re the perfect partners for unforgettable backcountry adventures.