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Land of Wolves

This past holiday season, every employee of Hill Engineering was generously gifted a copy of “Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard.” This book was written by Hill Engineering friend and collaborator, TJ Turner. The historical fiction thriller—set in an alternative historical timeline in which Abraham Lincoln was saved from assassination—is the page-turning sequel to “Lincoln’s Bodyguard,” which was also gifted to the Hill Engineering employees back in 2015.

At Hill Engineering we are fortunate to work with so many great individuals—and TJ Turner is one of our favorites. During the day TJ works as a research scientist for the United States Air Force and we share a common passion for all things residual stress related. As a reserve military member TJ has enjoyed, as he puts it, “several vacations to Afghanistan at the taxpayer’s expense” —thank you for your service! And to top it all off when he’s not chasing his kids around the house, or building guitars in his shop, he finds time to write and publish amazing stories. That’s quite a resume.

TJ Turner has quickly become the favorite author of Hill Engineering. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories with the world and thank you for taking the time to individually sign books for our entire staff.

Always fans of high-caliber fiction, we at Hill Engineering are grateful for Turner’s gift and can’t wait to delve into the continued adventures of Joseph Foster and the rest of the Lincoln’s Bodyguard cast. If you haven’t read “Land of Wolves” or “Lincoln’s Bodyguard”, we recommend you take a look. We wish continued success to TJ Turner in his literary exploits and we can’t wait for the next installment!

TJ Turner poses with a copy of his latest book “Land of Wolves”