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HE Pet Spotlight: Cookie Dough & Rocky Road the Dwarf Goats!

Have you ever heard the saying, “happy as a goat?”

Neither have we, but in this case, it applies! Meet Cookie Dough and Rocky Road the Nigerian Dwarf Goats, subjects of our latest Hill Engineering pet spotlight.

Two Nigerian Dwarf Goats in a pen, one with white fur and colored spots, and the other black with brown stripes.
Cookie Dough and Rocky Road the Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

These 1.5-year-old bleating brothers were picked out by Dallen Andrew and his family. Dallen describes them as easy to take care of. The two can most often be found chasing each other and having a good time, which makes his family happy.

A black goat with brown stripes eating a piece of hay.
Rocky Road eating some hay.

Despite the name of their breed, Nigerian Dwarf goats are an American variety related to the dwarf group breeds from West Africa. Resembling miniature dairy goats, they are known to make gentle, friendly pets; traits that have contributed to their rise in popularity in the United States.

A white goat with black and brown spots looking at the photographer
Cookie Dough looking for some affection (or maybe food).

While they can’t perform <residual stress measurements>, the lovable nature of Cookie Dough and Rocky Road certainly make them valued members of the Hill Engineering family (plus, we enjoy anything named after ice cream flavors). Follow our blog and social media accounts if you’re interested in more pet spotlights.

If you have any questions about our residual stress measurement capabilities, please contact us.