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How We Work

Maintaining the high quality of our work is our top priority. That’s why it’s important that our office environment promotes efficiency and qualitative communication here at Hill Engineering. From a project’s inception until its close, we strive to keep a workflow that handles our customer’s needs with consistent attention and care.

At the moment a specimen for a new project arrives, the condition of the part is documented photographically, so that all team members involved in the project can reference the state of its initial reception. We draft a test plan, laying out the residual stress measurements that will be performed and under what testing conditions.

The part is then handed off to laboratory staff, who are specially trained to perform the type of measurements needed – be it contour method, slitting, incremental hole drilling, or any of the other numerous services we offer.

After testing is complete, our residual stress analysis team collects the data and works closely with the laboratory staff to make sure that every aspect of the measurement process is considered while performing the residual stress calculations. These residual stress results are further examined by supervisors.

Finally, a report is written by the team members who worked on the project to ensure that the reporting process is accurate.

Our small company feel allows us to give each project the attention it requires, while at the same time maintaining the standard of efficiency in which we pride ourselves. This is why Hill Engineering remains a global leader in residual stress measurements.

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