BAMF 6.0 Release

Hill Engineering is announcing the release of version 6.0 of our Broad Application for Modeling Failure (BAMF) software. BAMF is used for fatigue analysis, and it is capable of predicting the growth of fatigue cracks in 3D parts. Starting from an assumed initial flaw, BAMF combines stress and crack growth analyses to predict the evolution of crack shape and size in 3D. Continue reading BAMF 6.0 Release

A Closer Look at Fatigue Surfaces

We’ve previously talked about fracture surfaces created as a result of material fatigue. Through fatigue tests, we are able to create a typical loading cycle on a test specimen to see how the number and magnitude of cycles affects the growth of cracks on the surface. After the test, we can perform fatigue analysis to see how the crack grew over time using a microscope. Continue reading A Closer Look at Fatigue Surfaces